Hello, I'm Ashley!

Before I ever set out to write a book, I spent five wonderful years in full time ministry to teenage girls in a local church context. During that time, I completed a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling so that I could be better equipped to serve and disciple girls and women. As the Author of my story would have it, my next move was to the other side of the world! I moved to Lebanon, met my husband, got married, and started a family. Desiring to be better equipped to serve girls and women in that context, I was able to pursue a masters in Middle East and North Africa Studies.  I love to learn, and I can't wait to see how this diverse background will be used by God for His glory in this generation.
At this stage of my life, I am eager to serve teenage girls by crafting stories that meet them where they are and point them gently to the truth of who Jesus is. It is complicated to be a teenage girl in 2023, but who Jesus is hasn't changed. The extent of our deep need for Him hasn't changed. The rescue He offers us hasn't changed, regardless of our specific struggles, location, or background.