Ashley Al Saliby

life-giving truth in the gentle form of a story
Hi! I'm Ashley. I would much rather be sitting across from you at a coffee shop and hearing your story than "introducing" myself on a website (which just feels weird to have, honestly!), but regardless, I'm glad you stopped by. My heartbeat is for girls and women to be reminded of the goodness and trustworthiness of Jesus Christ as we learn to follow him in a broken world. The resources that I hope to slowly add to this website will be for the purpose of becoming and making faithful disciples of Jesus.

Now available!

A discipleship resource for teen girls, in the form of a story!

In this first book of the "Follow in the Dark" series, four girls face the hardships of isolation in remote corners of the planet. Their journeys will be messy, of course. One of them will struggle with growing anger, and another with crippling anxiety. One will drift toward despair. Another will battle surprising temptation. While facing challenges they wouldn’t have chosen, what refuge can they seek? What hope can they cling to?   

Not always at their best but also never abandoned, read along as Eden, Zahra, Mei and Katya discover that they are pursued and deeply loved by God.